Data for Education

We are specialists in providing data for schools, colleges and universities.

Data for Education

We are specialists in providing data for schools, colleges and universities.

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Data for schools, colleges and universities

By using the Consumer Transactional file, we are able to identify Parents and NEETs (16 – 24 year olds Not in Education, Employment or Training) across the UK. These are prime targets for promoting open events, college courses, university and sixth form places to.

This data is collected from various companies who contribute details of people who purchase or make enquiries after products and services either online or offline.

From this, we can not only identify parents and NEETs, but due to the large number of sources we get our data from, we can select by geographic location and age of the young person, targeting specifically the people who would be the perfect fit for your institution or course.

Our database is updated monthly and is very accurate, making it ideal for schools & colleges who wish to promote their courses, events and open evenings, with a view to hitting recruitment targets. Our data can be the boost you need to make these targets achievable.

All of Our Educational Data is GDPR Compliant

Recently, GDPR has become a huge subject for businesses. Rest assured that all of our data is GDPR compliant, giving you total peace of mind when using our services. As well as this, we are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, meaning you can completely trust in the data we provide.


Targeting Local Businesses

Placing students into local businesses via apprenticeship schemes and work placements is a vital role for colleges in particular. By utilising an accurate list of local businesses, you can place students effectively. Data Bubble are able to utilise our extremely large database of local businesses to provide you with all the information you could need to source these placements for your students. This has many benefits, including developing you students careers and career prospects, as well as improving the College’s graduate prospect performance targets.

If you want to promote a new course to a specific industry, or maybe fill up an existing under-subscribed course, we can supply business contacts, helping you to attract more new students.

Generate the Best Results Possible

By using a variety of list owners, rather than just one, we are not tied down or limited in any way. We can provide the data lists that suits you and your business best, helping us to generate the best results possible.

We can offer a variety of different data types to match various campaigns you may have in mind, whether it’s direct mailing, telemarketing or email marketing, we can match your needs to help you get the best from our data.

One-Stop Shop – Data, Print and Mailing

Imagine a saving of 50% on standard postage costs – that’s how much you could benefit by using our “One-stop shop” service.

We work with a printer/mailing house, which allows us to offer a full print and postage solution for your campaign. Upon request, we will provide you with a no-obligation quote, with savings on postage of up to 50% against standard postage prices.

Should you proceed, all we need is your artwork and we will sort out the rest, sending proofs for your approval prior to print and despatch. This saves you time and reduces your admin, as you receive just one invoice for your whole campaign.

Just ask us for a free quotation when speaking to us.

Save extra money on multiple campaigns throughout the year
We at Data Bubble understand that schools and colleges have tight budgets, so we’re always looking at ways to help your marketing budget go further.

We can supply lists on a multiple-use basis at much reduced costs.

With no time limit between mailings PLUS a fresh mailing list for each mailshot (ensuring only clean data is used for every campaign), this is a “no-brainer” for those colleges thinking of multiple campaigns across the year.

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How to get the most out of your Data

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