Promoting college open events

The need to hit student recruitment targets.

A college came to us with a specific requirement. They wanted to promote a new course to local employers to encourage course take up, but they didn’t have a list of industry related companies to contact.

We applied our model of the 5 step process in best practice:

Step 1 – Initial Fact Find – The college were starting a new course in beauty and wanted to contact local businesses within the beauty industry. This was with a view to both promote the course to those businesses’ employees, as well as to promote the college with regard to securing apprenticeships and work placements within those businesses.

Step 2 – Project Focus – The college wished to run a postal and email campaign within a specific geographical reach.

Step 3 – Data Search – We researched both postal and email data for all the industries within the sectors required and within the stated radius.

Step 4 – Presentation – The college were delighted when we presented our findings – they had much more scope than they had at first thought.

Step 5 – Data Provision – The next day supplied the data to them and their printer. We were able to secure them a nearly 50% discount on postal costs and they immediately began a simultaneous mailing and email campaign.


A month later, the college were delighted to report to us that they had filled the course and also gained some valuable relationships with several local businesses. Those relationships they aimed to develop over the coming months, with a view to securing suitable apprenticeships and work placements for their students. Furthermore, their initiative had caught the eye of the local free newspaper and an article within that newspaper had further raised the profile