Improving the quality of Marketing Agency Data

A Marketing Agency came to us with a view to us supplying them data. The felt the quality of the data that the existing supplier was providing was deteriorating, plus team members were forever being called by the supplier to close deals.

Making a mark

The agency representative was impressed by our ethos and approach, and was impressed that we understood completely that they rely on good quality data as it reflects on your business to your clients. We also understand that your time scales are driven largely by your clients.

We outlined our model of the 5 step process in best practice:

Step 1 – Initial Fact Find – to discuss the client’s business and gain a clear understanding of products and services and existing customers.

Step 2 – Project Focus – the proposed direct marketing activity, along with goals and objectives

Step 3 – Data Search – research the market on the agency’s behalf, saving them time contacting all the various list owners.

Step 4 – Presentation – of the different options along with our recommendations. If we don’t feel that certain options will serve you well, we will say so and explain why.

Step 5 – Data Provision – of the data selected in order to proceed with the campaign.

We secured a small volume ‘trial’ order.


The trial proved very successful for the client which reflected well on the agency. The client soon asked to expand the geographical reach and took a significantly larger volume of records. We are now proud to supply data for all of the agency’s client managers.