Growing a franchise business

Identifying and winning more clients within a designated area.

A franchisee came to us, keen to grow his business in his designated area but unsure as to who his best prospects were.

We applied our model of the 5 step process in best practice:

Step 1 – Initial Fact Find – of his business, products and services and existing customers. We took his existing database to create a profile and understand his existing customers and see which areas were performing best

Step 2 – Project Focus – of his proposed direct marketing activity, along with his goals and objectives of growing his business within his franchise area. With his existing database, coupled with knowledge of his product, we could help him identify potential industries to market to. He had a telemarketing team on standby and wanted to run an email marketing campaign in conjunction, so he needed good quality, accurate and TPS compliant data.

Step 3 – Data Search – we researched all the available data for the industries he wished to target

Step 4 – Presentation -We were able to source several thousand prospects for him.

Step 5 – Data Provision – We provided the data in manageable ‘chunks’ of 1,000 records at a time. He started from the closest radius of his office and worked his way outwards until we hit his franchise boundary. With simple de-duplication methods, we were able to ensure he never took the same record twice.
He has continued to take data and when he reaches the boundaries of his franchise area, he starts at the beginning again. The project has proved so successful that he introduced us to the franchisor and we now supply email data and telemarketing data to their other franchisees UK wide.